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A financial strategy to live the life you want today


Your investment portfolio is a solution that helps achieve your financial ambitions. Our role is to use our expertise and the tools available on the market to work with you and develop a personalized, diversified, and easy-to-understand financial strategy. Our ultimate goal is that our strategy generates the most predictable results possible. Will your portfolio be comprised of stocks and bonds? Will you take advantage of the tax benefits provided by RRSPs, TFSAs and LIRAs? Together, we will determine which options will create the best outcome for you.

* Mutual funds available through IPC Investment Corporation


Insurance is an integral part of our approach to managing your assets. It enables us to help you achieve your dreams and objectives. We analyze your current coverage, assess its relevance and gaps, and offer you an informed vision of what perfectly meets your needs. Above all, we want to protect your assets from life’s ups and downs.


What if your goal was to work your whole life doing what you really love rather than just working to reach retirement? Does this approach appeal to you? We will help you build a lifestyle you can enjoy today and until you decide to cut back on work.

Frequently asked questions

We are remunerated in the form of fees based on the assets you entrust to us. We consider the assets under administration for all members of your family. It is therefore our responsibility to earn your trust, because you are free to change advisors without any obligation.

Market turbulence is quite normal; your financial strategy will be built around this reality. Our role is to reassure you and prevent changes or choices that could prevent you from accomplishing your long-term objectives.

Your interests and goals motivate all of our recommendations regarding financial products, fund managers or investment opportunities. We are completely independent.